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The Complete Underfloor Gas And Electric Space And Water Heating Innovation From The Water And Heating Experts…

Whale®, the expert in heating and water systems innovation are working together with Elddis to bring you More Heat, More Space and More Control* in the brand new 2016 Elddis Avanté Range. With complementary philosophies of quality, service and innovation at the core of their manufacturing, Elddis and Whale® make perfect partners in bringing you the award-winning Elddis Avanté.

For 2016, Elddis have provided a modern and contemporary touring caravan, providing everything you need in a lightweight and versatile range. The Elddis Avanté is fresh and exciting, featuring innovative and practical specification, style and unrivalled craftsmanship.

More Heat*- with Whale’s 4.3S Space Heater and Expanse™ Water Heater

Whale delivers its fastest heat up time and highest output to date with their unique complete underfloor gas and electric space and water heating system, supplying a total system power of 7kW.

Whale® gives the van owner freedom to heat space and heat water together, or heat space only or heat water only – with no compromise. All using the power source that suits you.

elddis logo Space heather

The wide range of power settings allow the user to select the optimal heat output for them, whether it is low gas consumption ideal for wild camping, running on electric on site to allow you to save money on gas bottles or for cold weather running on both gas and electric for maximum heat output.

Whale’s Expanse™ Underfloor Water Heater delivers the company’s fastest water heat up, reheat and heat retention to date.* Heating 8 litres of water to 72°C, in as little as 10 minutes.
Expanse™ features a unique high efficiency design gas burner and heater exchanger combination for maximum performance. It delivers enough hot water for a 14 litre shower in only 10 minutes and enough hot water for a second shower with a quick reheat time of only 8 minutes. That is 2 showers in just 18 minutes! It features custom expanded polystyrene insulation for market leading* heat retention.

More Space*- Underfloor Space and Water Heater

Whale® opens up an expanse of valuable living and storage space, delivers faster heat up, and more control than ever before with the launch of their all new Under Floor Water Heater *

Whale’s Water and Space Heaters are both fitted underfloor to maximise living and storage space inside the Elddis Avanté. Rob Quine, Managing Director at Elddis explains that….
“For choice and flexibility in those all-important layouts, vehicle manufacturers must overcome the challenge of both maximising living space and reducing weight in vehicles. With these key considerations at the very heart of Elddis vehicle design, we have worked in calibration with Whale. With this system Whale has created the only total underfloor gas and electric water and space heating system on the market.”
Rob Quine, Managing Director - Elddis

Expanse™ frees up more than 90% of the interior space that was traditionally taken up by water heaters that are installed inside the vehicle. Once fitted, the unit only requires a minimal amount of internal space (214mm x 60mm x 81mm). The compact unit is ideal for mobile applications featuring a unique reinforced polypropylene outer casing which is both lightweight and durable, and designed to fit securely to the van chassis. ****

Expanse Expanse

More Control*- iVan®

The Avanté also features Whale’s iVan® for ultimate user friendly controls.


Whale’s highest heat output and fastest water heat up, all wirelessly controlled from an easy to use central location. iVan® central control panel features simple icons and intuitive navigation to ensure that controlling your Water and Space Heater and Water Pump is easier than before.* This new iVan® control panel also incorporates an integrated master switch, interior light switch and awning light switch. iVan® also allows the user to select power sources and set up to three timers per heater, per day for ultimate comfort.

Whale Managing Director, Patrick Roberts comments that….
‘Elddis have designed a fantastic range in Avanté, with the perfect specification you need for your perfect family caravan, in a lightweight, affordable package. At Whale we are proud to supply our latest in underfloor space and water heating and touch screen centralised control, working together with Elddis to provide a great caravan experience ’

Patrick Roberts–Whale Managing Director


* More Heat, More Space, More Control, compared to previous Whale heating systems.
**Based on Whale Laboratory testing, 2015.
*** Based on Whale Laboratory testing and published data, August 2015.
**** Fits securely to the van chassis – in most instances.