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Whale Instant Match Premium, SDP303T
Whale Instant Match Premium, SDP303T

Whale Instant Match Premium, SDP303T

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Whale’s quietest shower drainage pump to date, designed specifically for use with mixer showers. With unique anti-vibration mounts integrated into a lightweight all-in-one unit and combined with plug-and-play installation, the Instant Match Premium sets a new standard. Built on 20 years of experience with over 300,000 kits installed throughout the UK, the Instant Match Premium allows you to achieve step free showering in your new en-suite, wet room or loft conversion where gravity drainage is not an option.

  • Quiet operation with built in anti-vibration mounts. Acoustically tested
  • Latest Switch Mode technology in transformer
  • Lightweight all in one unit
  • Plug and Play operation
  • Standby power 0.45W

Service Videos
Instant Match Premium - How It Works
  • Instant Match Premium - How It Works
  • Clearing the Pump Head & Changing the Diaphragm
  • Blockages - External Pipework Test & Rodding
  • How Pumps Work
  • Tricuspid Valve Replacement


  • AK1695 Image
    AK1695 90mm Gulley
  • SDS021T Image
    SDS021T Spare Shower Drain Pump
  • SDS211B Image
    SDS211B Tricuspid Valve (x 10)
  • SDA001T Image
    SDA001T Marmox Tray Gulley
  • SDS071T Image
    SDS071T Spare Pump Head
  • SDS061T Image
    SDS061T Diaphragm/Valve Kit
  • SDS263T  Image
    SDS263T Sika Flow Sensor
  • SDS233T  Image
    SDS233T Instant Match Premium Transformer

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