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Whale Dry-Deck 20 Kit, SDP073R

Whale Dry-Deck 20 Kit, SDP073R

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Dry-Deck 20 is a well proven and trusted product from Whale that provides the answer for many conversion and renovation projects. The range of shallow pumped gulleys allows installation of walk-in showers and wet rooms in locations where this previously would not have been possible.

  • Pump speed is commissioned to each installation
  • Automatic variable pump speed fine tunes the system, ensuring a quiet gulley
  • Suitable for showers with a flow rate up to 20ltr/min
Service Videos
Dry-Deck Kit - How It Works
  • Dry-Deck Kit - How It Works
  • How Pumps Work
  • Tricuspid Valve Replacement
  • Clearing the Pump Head & Changing the Diaphragm
  • Blockages - External Pipework Test & Rodding
  • Dry-Deck Control Panel Set Up Video
  • Dry-Deck Installation Set Up Video

The Dry Deck 20 Kit is designed to minimise gulley suction noise by precisely matching the pump flow rate to the shower flow rate.

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Dry-Deck 20


  • AK1695 Image
    AK1695 90mm Gulley
  • SDS041T Image
    SDS041T Spare Pump for Dry-Deck only
  • SDS273T  Image
    SDS273T Dry-Deck Control Box
  • SDS211B Image
    SDS211B Tricuspid Valve (x 10)
  • SDA001T Image
    SDA001T Marmox Tray Gulley
  • An Image
    An Example Of A Tiled Wet Floor Gulley - Contact Your Local Distributor
  • An Image
    An Example Of A Linear Drain - Contact Your Local Distributor
  • SDS061T Image
    SDS061T Diaphragm/Valve Kit
  • SDS263T  Image
    SDS263T Sika Flow Sensor

Installation Guides

  • Instructions for Whale Dry-Deck 20 Kit (182.04 v8)
    Instructions for Whale Dry-Deck 20 Kit (182.04 v8)
  • Dry-Deck / Smoothflow Guide (182.05 v2)
    Dry-Deck / Smoothflow Guide (182.05 v2)

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