Case Study - Ensuite Wetroom

Geoff Ring is no stranger to home improvement projects - after all, he has been in the business for years, working with his brother Bob for their own company in Bedfordshire. When it came to a refurbishment of his nine year old en-suite shower room, it was a project they were used to - but this time there was one apparently insurmountable problem.

Case Study - Ensuite Wetroom

Geoff’s wife had always wanted to do away with shower doors, hinges, nooks and crannies which, over the years, had become more and more of a problem to keep clean. A flat floor wetroom installation was what she wanted, something that would look beautiful. However, Geoff’s problem was that there was no way to drain the shower water away.

Following an internet search, Geoff came across the Impey Aqua-Dec system. The system, which incorporates the Whale Dry-Deck pump, seemed to be the answer to a prayer. Geoff was pleased that the flow rate from the Dry-Deck pump is 20 litres a minute, a very acceptable flow rate for a shower. The system uses a flow sensor that measures the water flow through the hot and cold pipes and transmits a signal to the control unit. The Dry-Deck 20, which is hidden in the wall with easy access, matches pump speed to the shower flow rate. After showering, the pump removes any water that may have pooled by re-starting after 15 minutes for a period of 20 seconds.

“Every aspect has been thought of, and of course I like the fact that the pump is maintenance-free – it has integral non-choke valves and requires no filter,” said Geoff.

Further investigations revealed a host of features which made this combination just the thing that Geoff had been looking for. The Aqua-Dec preformed wet room floor former only required a 22mm depth, just equal to the chip board flooring that sat on the joists.

“Before we started I visited the Impey stand at Interbuild, the trade exhibition held at the NEC,” said Geoff. “Seeing examples of how best to proceed certainly saved us a lot of time. When we started I found the technical support and back up from both Impey and Whale really helpful. Once I had sorted out all the little details, installation really was surprisingly easy.”

Geoff said one of these “details” was unexpected noise from what should have been a near silent pump. A quick call revealed the problem: too many 90° elbows in the 22mm waste pipe from the deck to the pump. “It was critical to have only swept bends in the pipework,” said Geoff. “As the water pulsed through the pipe, it was causing vibrations in the flexible pipework I had installed. This was compounded by the fact that I had not clipped the pipework down securely enough. By replacing elbows with smooth bends and fixing the run to adjacent joists the problem was solved.”

“I am thrilled with the final results thanks to Impey’s Aqua-Dec and Whale’s Dry-Deck.” Why buy Whale? Dry-Deck 20, which requires minimal installation depth, is almost silent and needs no cleaning.

Key Benefits

  • Flow rate up to 20 ltrs/min - ideal for mixers & power showers*
  • The flow rate of the Dry-Deck system automatically adjusts to changes in shower flow rate
  • No filter in waste system – no cleaning required
  • Valves integral to the pump prevent odours escaping from the drainage pipe
  • Quiet operation

* Check flow rate of shower to ensure that the maximum flow rate of the shower is less than 20 ltrs/min


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