Case Study - Walk In Shower

Mrs Gesser is French, and when she and her family decided to renovate their London apartment in Kensington, she was determined to do it beautifully. She wanted to reclaim its traditional glory and styling and restore the best of the apartment's original features plus add some new innovative ideas as well.

Case Study - Walk In Shower

Mrs Gesser scoured the shops and supply chains to source the very best in designs, materials and products.

With a natural sense of styling and a good budget, the apartment was coming together perfectly, but there was one problem that just couldn’t be overcome.

"To finish the apartment off properly, we needed to redesign the bathroom," explained Mrs. Gesser. "It was important for me that the bathroom enhanced the apartment with elegant styling and a feeling of spaciousness."

"The original bathroom was really small. I felt the only solution was to remove the bath and put in a beautiful large modern shower."

However, when Mrs Gesser spoke to a colleague, she found there was a major problem. A shower couldn’t be installed in the area she wanted because its position meant gravity drainage was simply not possible.

"It wasn’t a question of money, he said it simply wasn’t possible. I was so disappointed and not sure what to do when my contractor found the solution. He had been asking and looking around to see just what could be done. As soon as he found Dry-Deck 20, he said he knew our problem was solved."

"When I checked up on Dry-Deck 20, I found the system is well trusted and has been totally proven in many different conditions," said Mrs Gresser.

"I had no hesitation at all in confirming this with my contractor, and I am absolutely delighted with the results. Now we have a lovely modern shower in a spacious elegant bathroom. It has added real value to the apartment of course, but even better, my family just love using the shower.

"You would never know Dry-Deck 20 is working away there behind the scenes, and what a difference it has made to our overall home."

George Passey says Dry-Deck 20 is a perfect solution

Leading London project managers George Passey & Partners were called in to translate Mrs Gesser’s vision into a practical project.

"Getting her ideas drawn up and built was complex," said George Passey. "But the biggest challenge was the location of the shower - gravity drainage was simply not possible."

Fortunately George had recently found out about Dry-Deck 20 from a trade fair and heard excellent reports both of the product and also the technical support offered.

"I was very interested in how Dry-Deck overcomes some of the physical constraints often associated with the concrete filler joist construction frequently found in many period mansion blocks," said George.

"Dry-Deck 20 has a number of unique features which made it perfect for Mrs Gesser’s apartment," he added. "She really liked the fact that its control unit and pump is almost silent when running and it was easy to conceal.

"Without doubt, the Dry-Deck 20 is the perfect solution."

Since then George Passey and Partners have used Dry-Deck 20 in a number of other locations, all with excellent results.

Key Benefits

  • Flow rate up to 20 ltrs/min - ideal for mixers & power showers*
  • The flow rate of the Dry-Deck system automatically adjusts to changes in shower flow rate
  • No filter in waste system – no cleaning required
  • Valves integral to the pump prevent odours escaping from the drainage pipe
  • Quiet operation

* Check flow rate of shower to ensure that the maximum flow rate of the shower is less than 20 ltrs/min

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