Whale Marine 8L Grey Waste Tank with IC

‘Working in close partnership with key boat builders, we see the key trends toward marine vessels with more and more complicated water systems and multiple outlets- sometimes even including dishwashers and baths on board. Whale has listened to the positive feedback on our 20 litre Grey Tank and continues to expand our marine range with innovative products, ideal for vessels with complex requirements.’ Simon McFarland, Marine Product Manager – Whale

Whale has been established as a leader in grey waste management for more than 20 years working in partnership with boat builders around the world. With over half a million systems sold in marine and domestic installations; our engineers have channeled this expertise to develop our most advanced grey waste tanks ever. Grey waste tanks are generally used in larger power and sailboats, where the grey water is collected before being pumped overboard or into a central storage tank.

Building on the success of the new 20 litre Grey Waste Tank with Intelligent Control (IC), Whale is delighted to announce the launch of our new 8 litre capacity version developed in partnership with our customers.

1. 8 litre Grey Waste Tank with IC

Fig.1. 8 litre Grey Waste Tank with IC

The new 8 litre Grey Waste Tank with IC, reliably handles typical shower and galley sink waste up to 90 degrees C even in complex multiple outlet systems. Models are available with a choice of 1 or 2 sensors. The double sensor option allows boat builders to fit an additional pump to one tank for a compact high capacity solution, or a high-level alarm for extra peace of mind.

‘We know from discussions with boat builders that over time the performance of switches and float-switches which detect the water level and activate pumps can be affected by debris build up, things like hair and soap scum and electronics can become affected by water ingress. Our tank design addresses these issues with solid state switching – so there are no moving parts prone to blockages. In addition, the electronics are housed in a unique ‘Triple Seal’ lid for our best ever protection.’ Simon McFarland- Whale

Whale’s innovative Triple Seal technology prevents water ingress with 3 key features combining to ensure that there are no leak paths. Firstly, the electronics are housed in a clever single piece moulded lid design which incorporates the sensors. This means that there are no joins, seals or entry points for water to ingress. Secondly, a splash-proof seal prevents bilge water from entering the sensor housing. And thirdly we have also fully encapsulated the sensors in a high grade highly adhesive potting compound for added protection from water damage.

Through collaborative development with boat manufacturers, we have incorporated several key features which ease the installation process.

These include 4 KEY features: -
1. Easy wiring -any 12 or 24V d.c. pump up to 20A can be installed with no relay required.
2. On the tank we have moulded the best practice symbols, hose and drill diameter size guides and pump connection guidance so that it is all easy to see when fitting.
3. The inlet and outlet ports have been shaped for drilling accuracy- to help the fitter quickly and correctly prep the tank for installation.
4. In addition – metal inserts in the tank make it extra easy to fit a Whale Gulper pump, with the option to locate the pump high and dry away from bedroom areas to minimize noise disruption.

Through extensive field testing with boaters, we understand that noise on board and easy maintenance are key concerns. Maintenance is simplified by the tank lid which provides easy access to wipe clean sensors.

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Whale is a leader in marine water and waste systems that designs, rapid prototypes, manufactures and markets water products globally. Product lines include fresh, bilge and wastewater management systems, water heaters, galley appliances and accessories. The Whale in-house design team builds on decades of experience and work in collaboration with sail and power boat builders all over the world to deliver a continual stream of innovative marine products. Whale is headquartered in Bangor, Northern Ireland and is part of US Company, Brunswick Corporation.